Facts You Need to Know about Home Owner’s Association

Having a home owners associaiton in the place you live can be a very beneficial organization to help manage your community

Facts You Need to Know about Home Owner’s Association

Being part of a Homeowner Association

Homeowners inside the village and subdivision have its own Homeowner Association, Its purpose is to secure the interest of all its member, Whether security and implementing rules and regulations, Different Homeowner associations have different rule when it comes in managing their own premises.<,br>In our cases our Homeowner association they had a power to ask its member to pay association dues. It was ok with us but not all homeowners agreed to pay this small amount of dues. They don’t understand what is the reason why we should pay the fees monthly. Homeowner Association can’t proceed its project without funds. Street lighting and 24/7 guard visibility are common services you will have if you are a member of you Homeowner Association.
It was so funny that election during for Homeowners Association official was just like local election. Both party try to outsmart each other, they will site differences and other agenda that does not favour everybody. We all know that having a power even in you own Homeowner Association was a big advantage. For the case of our subdivision, lots of Homeowner Association Officials has different agenda why they want to be an official not the money itself but the power to be on top. That was really the reality of life. People are always greedy when it comes to power .
The basic Function of Homeowner association was to be servants to its member. They encourage each member to pay its dues in time for them to pay the people who serve you. The Security guards , the grass cutter, the roving guards for perimeter watch. The secretary who always answer your phone inquiries. This are the people who really works beside the officials.
Being a member of our Homeowner Associations has lots of advantages. By just buying a lot inside the subdivision entitles you to be a member already. Yet you must agree on their rules and regulations. In our Homeowner association rules and regulations , pet must be inside your house perimeter. Stray dog are impounded. Garbage collections was every Monday , You should wait for the garbage collector before your garbage be collected.
Homeowner Association official was the representative of all its member, they secure the welfare of all its member . They decide what is the best for its member. They provide us a Basketball court for recreational activity of its members. Homeowner Association also make events such as Christmas parties and other events for all the member to meet and greet for better way of living inside the subdivision.
Different way of securing good camaraderie with each member of the Homeowner association was its officials main goal. Every homeowner dreams to have a secure and walkable place to live in. And Its Homeowner Association duties to make it possible. We need to help them buy just simple paying our dues on time. Without its member Homeowner Association won't be formed.

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