Facts You Need to Know about Home Owner’s Association

The Homeowner’s Association hasn’t always been what it is now, before it is something that is still undeveloped but loved my many.

Facts You Need to Know about Home Owner’s Association

The Rise of Homeowner’s Association

Who wouldn’t want to live on his own house right? A house that may make one individual feel that security and close their eyes at peace when the night has come, but what if your neighbours are clingy or are somewhat a disturbance to your “peaceful” living. Well, in America and maybe in some parts of the Philippines, Homeowner’s Associations were made that may help you in finding your ideal neighbourhood.
After the wars that engulfed many different nations, in the United States of America, houses were built for others and were just sold to them due to the rapid increase of national growth accompanied by their need of homes and the rise of construction costs. At first, everything was really good for them, once they bought their homes, they could leave as harmonic as ever with nothing to worry about money. And on the mid 19th century, Homeowner’s Associations were formed. They were organized for the reason of maintaining order and peace inside a community. No more grasses left untrimmed, no more unnecessary burning of materials were made by neighbours and no more littering of trashes everywhere were allowed. Everything was like a dream come true for many, that’s when the Homeowner’s Association decided to make fees to be paid by the people of the community. From then on, every problem just keeps piling up for them. The fees grew bigger and when it got to the point where owners were not satisfied, they complained to the Homeowner’s Association. Due to this, the Homeowner’s association decided that if ever an owner doesn’t abide by the rules and declines payment of assigned fees, they would have the power to reprimand them of their property. Due to this, money just kept flooding in for different companies that ate the money of people from the community.
Well, living in a community is good for the ears but not in experience. The Homeowner’s Association, what once was thought a dream become a nightmare for many. But if the rules are to your taste, then it’s not so bad to live in one.

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