Facts You Need to Know about Home Owner’s Association

The Home Owner's Association is an organization in charge of enforcing the rules and regulations for the properties in its jurisdiction.

Facts You Need to Know about Home Owner’s Association

Home Owner's Association

Home Owner’s Association is an organization in a subdivision, village, and community or even in condominiums. Home Owner’s Association enforces rules and regulations for the properties in its jurisdiction. Home Owner’s Association is a legal organization responsible for the whole governance of a private subdivision or community. Members in the Home Owner’s Association are the residential buyers. Home Owner’s Association members appoint officers ,the officers and the board members has the authority to enforce rules and regulations within the Home Owner’s Association. Home Owner’s Association collect monthly or annual dues to pay for the maintenance fees for its recreational amenities like park, swimming pool, tennis and basketball court, guard house and security and maintenance personnel. Other subdivisions that have its own source for water uses deep well machine for water supply inside the village thus Home Owner’s Association members are also paying water dues and maintenance for the water tank. Home Owner’s Association has also significant legal power over the property owners in its jurisdiction. Home Owner’s Association job is to make sure that each member pays their residential dues on-time. Home Owner’s Associations are sometimes strict when it comes to what their members do inside its jurisdiction, and even in their own property, such as doing things like washing your car on the streets, picking up your dog’s dirt etc. and etc.
While other Home Owner’s Associations are more relaxed and just want a quiet and peaceful community, generally keeping property clean and well-secured. Home Owner’s Association are actively organizing events for the residents of its subdivision yearly like Christmas party, Year-end party and even Home owner’s association president’s birthday party. Each members of a home owner’s association pays for the expenses for the party. Home owner’s association can compel home owners to pay a share of common expenses usually per residential unit. The Home owner’s Association officers and board members can also create committees, such as for neighbourhood watch for village security, a maintenance committee for its village amenities cleaning and daily operations, architectural and building committee for village designs for Christmas like for example Christmas lights installation, Christmas decors ,street lights and for re-painting jobs and repair. Home owner’s Association should always have to regulate funds for its many operations.Assesment paid by the members is not classed as property taxes.

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